Photography and conceptualisation by Halle Marshall, makeup by Vera Nitefor

Artist's statement

When I visualised this series, it was mostly about making boys look graceful and pretty in the way females are often photographed. I wanted to do a series about male sexuality because it’s a topic less explored, and I was curious to see if people would be comfortable with my ideas. But now when I think about it, I want the series to be more about gender identity and sexuality as a whole. I want these photos to say that gender fluidity is natural — and crucial to our self-expression. I want to say that feminine and masculine are not mutually exclusive. Breaking the boundaries of traditional genders is something that has been a topic of controversy for a very long time, and although some of you reading this may agree with me, a lot of people don't see it this way.

I think we need to continue to expose this burgeoning message: EMBRACE YOURSELF — feminine energy is beautiful, masculine energy is beautiful and we all have at least a little bit of both.