We're Back: A Letter From the Editors

Our long hiatus is over. We've got new team members, loads of new content and a new, regular posting schedule. Here's freshly minted co-EIC Felix Wong to give you a run-down on all the great things to come.  

-Ben Cohen, editor-in-chief

"I was not proud of what I had learned but I never doubted that it was worth knowing."
-Hunter S. Thompson, circa '59

With all the stigma surrounding Generation Z and their Millennial forebears – how the whole lot of us are trust-fund babies glued to our glossy smartphones – it might be hard for our parents’ generation to wrap their heads around the fact that some of us might actually be culturally literate. Sure, a great deal of us can’t peel our eyeballs away from superficial vlogger blowhards and BuzzFeed clickbait, but you know what? There are those of us in the under-30 bracket that lust for a deeper knowledge of the more nuanced things in our saturated media landscape.

I know there are those of you out there that are arthouse geeks, sci-fi fanatics, gonzo journalism connoisseurs, hip-hop enthusiasts or all of the above. Or maybe you’re secretly learning JavaScript at night in the hope of one day ruling our fast-approaching dystopian cyberpunk future. Whatever it is, you’re not satisfied. You’re just not satiated by bland student paper articles pontificating on campus social issues, and you want something more relatable than what mainstream newspaper columns have to offer. So if you, like me, are sick to your stomach of the myths and the stigma and the wellness blogs and the viral memes, then maybe the Unaffiliated Press is the fix you’ve been craving.

When I was brought on board in October by my friend, UP founder and fellow editor-in-chief, Ben Cohen, I sought to sow a vision of a digital magazine that would impart new knowledge to its readers every weekday. Not just any new knowledge – knowledge that is relevant to our times, knowledge that helps us streamline our lives. Every day from Monday to Friday, we will publish a 1000-word article that falls into one of the following categories: social commentary, film/television, or science/technology. Every day, you and I will learn something new, and it will more than likely be about something we wouldn't ordinarily go out seeking during our own leisure time.


Rapper and slam poet Saul Williams preaches the truth about the media we ingest. (Uploaded by Crsz.)

The order of articles and categories will be curated by yours truly; but to you, the reader, they will appear completely random. It is my hope that, given the quality of our articles, coupled with their usefulness and relevance to your daily lives, you will return day in and day out to shine a light on something that will send shivers down your intellectual feelers.

Tomorrow, we'll run our first feature by Dylan Freeman-Grist about Canadian-born Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany, and see why he believes that she's the best actor in the world. On Wednesday, Mariyam Khaja will dissect the rise of secularism among the youth, and why so many of us don’t believe in Him no more. On Thursday, Karen Lee will take a closer look at the gender gap the video game industry – an industry that's been polluted by a toxic masculinity that has permeated subreddits, Twitch streams and even corporations, skewing public perception of it. On Friday, Jennifer Sidoriak will round things off with an examination of Netflix’s $500 million-dollar deal with the Canadian government, and what the industry behemoth will potentially look like in five years time.

I hope this gives you all a clearer idea of what type of content to expect from us in the coming weeks, and I do hope you’ll join us in the eternal pursuit of knowledge and entertainment. You won’t be disappointed.

-Felix Wong, editor-in-chief