Everything You Need To Know About the Kat Von D Anti-Vaxxer Situation

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Kat Von D sparked controversy last month when she announced that she would not be vaccinating her unborn child. 

Who Is Kat Von D?

Kat Von D is a celebrity tattoo artist turned makeup mogul who first became known on the reality television show Miami Ink. Following her departure from Miami she was given a chance to open her own tattoo shop on the spin-off show LA Ink. In 2008 Von D announced she would be creating and launching a makeup line for Sephora, Kat Von D Beauty, the brand she is most well known for today. 

Kat Von D positions herself as an activist and has never been afraid to use her platform to stand up for issues that are important to her. From her vegan and cruelty-free makeup line to a very public online battle with fellow makeup mogul Jeffree Star to disinviting a Trump supporter to a launch party, Kat Von D is no stranger to controversy when it comes to advocating for what she thinks is right.

But has she gone too far this time?


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Instagram: @thekatvond 

Fans across the globe were shocked when Kat Von D announced via Instagram that she and new husband Rafael Reyes were planning on raising their baby vegan and without vaccinations. While her lengthy instagram post included sympathetic gems like “try being an openly pregnant vegan on Instagram” and “your negative comments are not going influence my choices - actual research and educating myself will”, many remained appalled at Von D’s declaration. 


What Does Anti-Vax Mean?

Anti-vaccination sentiments have been slowly growing in the western world over the last decade. The movement perpetuates the idea that vaccines are toxic and dangerous, can cause conditions such as autism and that vaccines are conspiracies made up by pharmaceutical companies in order to push their own agenda. People who are against vaccinations are often referred to as “anti-vaxxers”. 


Why Does This Matter?

How others choose to raise their own children is their business. Unless it involves a dangerous decision that has the potential to negatively affect others around them. Not only is vaccination a critical factor in protecting the child in question against deadly diseases such as polio, the measles and countless others, vaccinating children protects others within their community who are at risk and unable to receive vaccinations. That’s right, it is a science-based fact that being vaccinated not only protects the individual from serious illnesses, it greatly reduces the risk for anyone around the individual who might be susceptible to those illnesses. 

What Kat Von D is doing by publicly announcing her plans to keep her baby unvaccinated is using her platform to promote dangerous myths and pseudoscience regarding vaccination. As a public figure with almost 20 million followers across all social media platforms, Kat Von D needs to be more conscious about the ideologies she chooses to promote. Especially when those decisions have the potential to be harmful to others.