Street Artist Vhils Partners with Hennessy

Street artist Alexandre Farto, who goes by the name Vhils, brings his unique brand of street art to create this year’s Hennessy VS Limited Edition bottle. Hennessy, the world’s best selling Cognac brand, has a longstanding tradition of partnering with artists to create stunning new visuals for its packaging. Although the partnership was announced back in June, launch events for the bottle occurred throughout July in major cities around the U.S.A. including New York City and Chicago. 

Luxury brand Hennessy has worked with artists to create limited edition bottle designs every year since 2010. The artistry program serves as a mutually beneficial collaboration between the cognac brand and the artists it works with, as well as a strategic marketing campaign that introduces its product to the worlds of music and art.

Photo taken by Nicola Di Nunzio

Vhils differs from traditional street artists in that he doesn’t use paint and graffiti to create his art. Instead, the Portuguese artist uses a combined method of scraping, chiseling and exploding away pieces of abandoned buildings or built up layers of material in order to create his works.

Vhils chooses to evoke a strong sense of the urban landscape in his work. He cites the importance of creating consciousness amidst rapidly changing urban environments in order to acknowledge the history and growth of a place.

In a tell-all interview at the New York City launch party, artist Vhils states “While exposing the layers of change in this space, I could also create images. By an act of destruction, I could create, and reveal, and make these layers of history visible”. He notes the importance and impact of the public space and how that affects the context of the society we live in. Recalling his childhood growing up in Portugal, Vhils distinctly remembers his surprise at how quickly the streets around him could change as the city evolved. “For me, my work was about trying to find the essence behind all this transformation.”

He has chosen to represent this in his design for the limited edition bottle by combining significant images and textures from the brand’s history in order to create a dimensional and layered visual. Already available in the United States, the limited edition box and bottle is set to hit the shelves in Canada soon.