Interested in Writing For Us?

Hello writers, we’re Ben Cohen and Felix Wong, editors-in-chief of the Unaffiliated Press. We produce, curate and solicit quality long-form content that exposes people to fresh new ideas on a weekly basis. And we want to hire you to help.

Our goal as a publication is to shatter the hyper-partisan echo chambers that have sadly become hallmarks of contemporary journalism. Through our commitment to opening up our platform to voices from all sides of every divide, politically and socially, we'll be showing our audience  opinions and beliefs that they may have never sought out on their own. 

Current opportunities:

  • Managing editor

    The managing editor will work closely with the editors-in-chief to develop our digital and print pieces, in addition to assisting with weekly staff meetings and writers workshops. The ideal candidate is a journalism student with a robust portfolio that is experienced with editing content. Experience holding a masthead position is an asset.

  • Head of finance

    The head of finance will manage our assets and assist with grant writing and application. The ideal candidate is a business student who has experience working with startups and applying for awards, scholarships, grants and/or financial assistance. Experience holding a treasury position or with entrepreneurial work is an asset.

  • Staff writer

    We're always looking add more writers to our team. We're looking for people who can write one long-form feature every month about current affairs or arts and culture. We want motivated, inquisitive journalists who think critically, acknowledge their personal biases and question the world around them.

These are unpaid positions, however, they are fantastic opportunities to meet like-minded individuals and add substantial, polished content to your portfolio. 

There are mandatory weekly writers workshops on campus for our team where we conduct round-table peer editing of our work and collectively improve as journalists and as a publication. Meeting dates and further details will be discussed during interviews. 

If you are interested in applying:

Please submit the following to

  1. A cover letter describing yourself, your experience, why you want to work for UP and what you can add to our team.

  2. Two of your own (published or unpublished) lifestyle, social commentary, opinion, film, television, music or technology features. If you're interested in writing or have written about something other than topics mentioned above, feel free to send that to us as well. If you are applying for the head of finance position, skip this step.

  3. Resume.

Please submit your application by the end of Dec. 28, 2018. Only selected applicants will be contacted for an interview. You do not have to be a Ryerson student to apply for these positions. Good luck to all applicants!

Examples of what the UP team is looking for: